Topic of the Month – November 2018

Posted on: October 30, 2018

This month’s cartoon topic is ‘Desert Islands’. After the last two climate change topics, this one is just silly (mostly).  Desert islands have been staple fare for cartoonists for decades, and I started doing them semi-ironically because of this tradition. Now I do them simply because I like them.

December’s topic will be ‘Endings’.

Every month this website will feature twenty or so Horacek cartoons on a chosen topic. I choose them alphabetically. All cartoons are ©Judy Horacek. I’d rather you didn’t use these cartoons without my permission, but if you must, I’d appreciate it if you acknowledge my authorship and the source.  They are cartoons, not memes! Cartoons this month were first published in The Age, The Australian, an Australian National University publication and as a greeting card.

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  1. Caroline Lurie , says:

    Hi Judy,
    I hope this is an OK way to communicate with you, privately and personally. Not that anything shocking will follow. But I can’t find a secret, p&p e-address for you.
    Anyway, I returned from a fabulous holiday in Bhutan (best-governed country in the world, by the way) to discover that the glorious Mildred calendars I ordered had arrived, hurrah, and also a lovely little painting from you, which I assume was a gift. So thank you, dear Judy, I shall treasure it and frame it and hang it next to your ‘Roses’ which I bought some time ago.
    I love the calendar and, well, obviously you know what a fan I am from way back when. Great that you and Mem have teamed up, and that it all works so fruitfully with Jenny. (If this is a public space, I guess it will baffle people.)
    Do let me know if you are ever in Sydney with a spare halfhour up your sleeve.
    Anyway, thanks again, and HAPPY CHRISTMAS. Keep on doing the wonderful stuff that you do. (What difficult sums we have to do to prove we’re human!)

  2. Alison Wishart , says:

    Too hard to pick my favourite!

    • judy horacek , says:

      I hope that’s because you liked so many, not because you didn’t like any! 🙂

  3. T Koenke Diaz , says:

    Thank you, Judy. Absolutely delicious, as always!

    • judy horacek , says:

      Smiley face. Thank you.

  4. Ruth , says:

    The snippet of you, celebrating Czech Independence Day with Czech family, was wonderful.

    • judy horacek , says:

      Thanks Ruth



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