Topic of the Month – July 2017

Posted on: June 30, 2017

This month’s topic is ‘Quests’, to follow that star etcetera.  A profound topic, with probably many profound things to say about it, but I’ll let the cartoons do the talking (profundity not guaranteed).

Next month’s TOTM is Rainbows.

Every month this website will feature ten to twenty Horacek cartoons on a chosen topic. I chose them alphabetically. All cartoons are ©Judy Horacek. I’d rather you didn’t use these cartoons without my permission, but if you must, I’d appreciate it if you acknowledge my authorship and the source.  They are cartoons, not memes. Cartoons this month were first published in The Age newspaper, Overland magazine, Sheilas (Victorian Women’s Trust) and in a special publication by the University of Canberra.

01-mind-as-arrow--col_LQ-400  02-AgeML88a-single-step-col300  03-same-old,-same-old-col400  04 EQK5-question-col400  05-EQK6-first-draft-col400  06-EQK9-google-ref-col400  07-EQK-timetabling-col2-copy400  08-EQK32-desert-island-col2-copy400  09-EQK-essential-questions-col400  10-EQK-zebra-col2.400  11-AgeML102-rise-and-shine-col300  12-undrinkable-coffee-col300  13-AgeML10-21st-Superheroes-col300  14-Ask-not-what-col2.400  15-Apostrophe-man.col400  16-viral-col300  17-Super-Penguin-col400  18-alone-in-cave-col400  19-superman-emissions-col300  20-S28-young-feminist-col2.400  21-damn-feminists-col400


  1. Harold , says:

    This month’s were especially good! LOL, rare for me.
    Blessing others with them now….
    Thanks so much.

  2. Conny , says:

    Hello Judy,
    Thank you for sharing your work again.

    I just got a copy of your book – it is great; not that I expected anything less – and tickets for your talk in Sydney. Looking forward to meeting you next week 🙂

    • judy horacek , says:

      Thanks Conny, glad you like the book. Look forward to seeing you at the Sydney talk on Thursday, I think it is going to be fun. See you soon, Judy

  3. Henry Porter , says:

    Hi Judy,
    Just wanted to say thanks for these & the new book.
    Love absolutely everything about it.
    Even down to the page numbering font, which seems to evoke the profiles of some of your characters.
    Cheers & congrats!

    • judy horacek , says:

      Thanks Henry, wonderful to hear that you love everything about it – high praise indeed. I hadn’t thought of that about the font for the numbers, but now I look at it again I think I can see what you mean. Designers work in mysterious ways! Thanks for the congratulations – I’m very pleased with the way it has turned out (apart from John Clarke no longer being with us of course, that aspect makes me very sad). Warm wishes, Judy

  4. Jan Nicholls , says:

    Congratulations on another fabulous selection. Apostrophe Man is possibly my all-time favourite of your cartoons, Judy although I do love my “they taught me to read” tea towel and apron. Thanks also for my signed copy of Random Life. I am really enjoying dipping in to it and do appreciate your wit, humour and skill with a pen. Best wishes.

    • judy horacek , says:

      Thanks Jan, glad you are enjoying it. Apostrophe man is one of my favourites too, but he can only be in one book (Make Cakes Not War), oh and out on the streets as well. Warm wishes, Judy

  5. Shirley Randell , says:

    Learnt about the sixth W in a fun way – thanks Judy!!

    • judy horacek , says:

      You’re welcome x



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