Topic of the Month – February 2016

Posted on: January 30, 2016

This month’s topic is Asylum Seekers.  I’d say ‘Welcome Back to the Topic of the Month, hurrah!’ but this one is too sad and troubling for celebration.  It’s a collection of cartoons I’ve done over the last few years until the present on refugees and asylum seekers.  Some of them refer to things from a while ago, such as the Scott Morrison one, but I’ve included it because mostly the issues haven’t changed, even if the names have.  I’m not saying that the refugee and asylum seeker issues are an easy thing to solve, but how we are currently treating our fellow human beings is not the answer.  As many of us are saying – we are better than this.

I don’t normally add cartoons to the Topic of the Month, but a cartoon that I did for The Age a few days after the Topic was published on 31 January, seemed to need to be included.  It’s the first one in this list, added on 8 February.

Every month this website will feature ten to twenty Horacek cartoons on a chosen topic. I chose them alphabetically – next month’s topic will be ‘Books’.  All cartoons are ©Judy Horacek.  I’d rather you didn’t use these cartoons without my permission, but if you must, I’d appreciate it if you acknowledge my authorship and the source.  They are cartoons, not memes.  Cartoons this month were first published in The Age and The Canberra Times.









  1. Margaret Blair , says:

    Thank you Judy for starting the year with this sad reflection on our country. I hope the decision makers hearts soften when/if they see these wonderful heartbreaking cartoons.

  2. Leigh Hay , says:

    The All New Compassion Fatigue Filter did it for me Judy. You’ve got me wondering now if they’re available for earphones, or if there’s a compassion fatigue app out there as well? Keep calling the truth shots. Love your work.

  3. Brian , says:

    At your brilliant best Judy.

  4. Anne-Marie Peeters , says:

    Thanks Judy. I still share your cartoons on asylum seekers with my History and English students. You gave me permission to do this a few years ago. They still ring true for today….unfortunately but, my high school students find them so true and we have great discussions about the poignancy of the content. They particularly find the Unjust Country one intriguing. I do inform them of the allusion to the original poem and that sets up more amazing discussion. Keep going girl. You have an influence on this young generation and I have found a shift in the attitude to asylum seekers. Yeh!

  5. Del Merrett , says:

    Brilliant cartoons. Would love to see them in the sydney papers

  6. Susan Magarey , says:

    Oh thank you, Judy: such a shameful policy, and how wonderfully you make that point!

  7. Christina , says:

    Thanks Judy, for your wonderful commentary, and to the other commenters whose sentiments are to be applauded. But where are we all when it comes to voting day? Why do these ****** keep being voted in, not just here but all over the Western world?

  8. Juliet Flesch , says:

    Wonderful comments on a disgraceful polcy.

  9. Horrie Poussard , says:

    Judy, we need messages like yours that are inciteful, not spiteful, on the plight of our fellow humans who are suffering.

  10. Rose Momsen , says:

    Wonderful to see you bringing the cartoon newsletter back! It was one of my favorite methods of self-preservation in a busy and hectic life. Your insight and charming drawings are always welcome, no matter how sad or painful the subject. Keep working, we love you.

  11. Shirley Randell , says:

    Wonderful as usual Judy – thank you


  12. Bea Horacek , says:

    Wow! Especially the child… “Is that why they call it Christmas Island?” I wish your cartoons were more widely seen.

  13. Bea Horacek , says:

    Wow! Especially the child… “Is that why they send them to Christmas Island?” I wish your cartoons were more widely seen.

  14. Jan Nicholls , says:

    As always, your work hits the nail right on the head. I despair at man’s ongoing inhumanity to man.

  15. Ian McCall , says:

    these cartoons are so deep and moving. Well done Judy



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