Topic of the month – July 2012

Posted on: June 30, 2012

This month’s topic is ‘Zeitgeist’.  Yes, okay, maybe I am sometimes overly cynical of our contemporary times, but then maybe sometimes the times deserve it too.  In a nice funny way, of course.

Every month this website will feature a different cartoon topic. We’re doing this alphabetically – August’s topic will start with the letter ‘A’.


  1. Katherine , says:


  2. Annie Johnston , says:

    I love that you can describe my warts and imperfections without seeing me.

    Your drawings are wry or ironic, or just bloody funny, and I’m yet to see one with any of the hatred and prejudice which is the vogue in current Australian cartooning.

    Thanks for your eye, your perspective, of not ‘othering’, and of being the genius that enriches my life.
    *Big claps here, and a teary eye*

  3. Michael in Shushan , says:

    Ah, zeitgeist, it haunts me all the time!

  4. Marianna , says:

    Thanks Judy!

    we so need these reminders! So easy to get used to the “new normal”.

    Thank you for standing up for true human values.

    Blessings from NYC

  5. Ruth , says:

    I absolutely,totally loved your cartoon ‘when AFL meets CWA’in The Age. Is there a print version available?

  6. Nancy Earth , says:

    Brilliant, as always!

  7. Shula , says:

    As long as I live, I will never tire of you. That was fantastic….

  8. Nancy Earth , says:

    Brilliant, Judy! Your BEST yet!!!

    Enjoy the winter/summer wherever you are.


  9. Barbary , says:

    Congratulations on attaining the full alphabet! Thanks for the cartoons and hope life is sweet. Love from Barbary

  10. Deb Ablser , says:

    thank you Judy – your cartoons are just wonderful and bring me so much pleasure and sheer delight – I have sent them to friends all over the world who also adore them and have used them in lectures and training and keep my favourites on my computer to make me smile again and again and again. Thank you
    many oms



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