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Building Site Fantasy


Classic Cartoon Screenprint No. 5

Working with a master printmaker, Judy has produced a number of screenprints from a small number of ‘classic’ cartoons – cartoons that have been particularly popular and/or say something particularly important.  Passing a building site fantasy is the fifth in the series.  The original version of this cartoon was part of her ‘Unrequited Love’ series.

Limited edition handprinted screenprint
(Cartoon copyright 1994, screenprint 2006)

FREE postage and handling anywhere within the world.

Edition:                    250, signed and numbered

Image size:               172 x 120 mm
Paper size:               250 x 185 mm
Paper:                       Magnani Pescia, 300 gsm
Workshop:               Megalo Print Studio, Canberra
Printer:                     Paul Peisley (with Judy Horacek helping)

Image size 17.2 x 12 cm
Paper Magnani Pescia, 300 gsm
Paper size: 25 x 18.5 cm
Printer Paul Peisley (with Judy Horacek helping)
Workshop Megalo Print Studio