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Animal Impersonations


Classic Cartoon Screenprint No. 3


Working with a master printmaker, Judy has produced a number of screenprints from a small number of ‘classic’ cartoons – cartoons that have been particularly popular and/or say something particularly important.  Animal Impersonations is the third in the series.  It’s a cartoon that nearly all women can relate to, and some men don’t even get, which is a brilliant compliment for a feminist cartoon.

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Date Cartoon copyright 1990, screenprint 2004
Medium Limited edition handprinted screenprint
Edition size 185, signed and numbered
Image size 183 x 121 mm
Paper Magnani Pescia, 300 gsm
Paper size: 255 x 188 mm
Printer Paul Peisley (with Judy Horacek helping)
Workshop Megalo Print Studio, Canberra