Topic of the Month

December 2020 – ‘XYZ The End’

Welcome to the December Topic of the Month, which is ‘XYZ The End’.  The end of the alphabet and the last month of 2020 – we might just make it through!  And on the topic of ends, this is the last of the Topics of the Month, which I’ve been doing for quite a few years now. I’m getting a brandnew website which will have an archive of selected favourite topics, and lots of other goodies but this will be the last new Topic. Thanks for being with me on this journey, look forward to your continuing company with the monthly newsletter. 

Every month this website will feature a dozen to twenty Horacek cartoons on a chosen topic. I choose the topics alphabetically. All cartoons are ©Judy Horacek. I’d rather you didn’t use these cartoons without my permission, but if you must, I’d appreciate it if you acknowledge my authorship and the source.  They are cartoons, not memes! But you’re very welcome to tweet the link to this page. Cartoons this month were first published in The Age, the Australian Magazine, the Canberra Times, Art Monthly, Australian Book Review, Australian Society and for various projects. They have all been re-published in various Horacek cartoon collections.