The Last Topic of the Month

Welcome to the December 2020 Topic of the Month – ‘XYZ The End’. For many years now, it’s been a project of mine to publish a cartoon Topic of the Month on my website featuring 20 or so cartoons (topics chosen in alphabetical order, and announced in my newsletter*). Some topics were dear to my heart like ‘Feminism’ and ‘Climate change’, others more random like ‘Beverages’, ‘Ideas’ and ‘Queens’.

This December 2020 topic is the last one. Fittingly it is at the end of the year (this crazy, frightening, reassess-everything year), and by making it XYZ – The End, I’ve reached the end of the alphabet again too.

Hope you enjoy ‘XYZ – the End’. We’ve also put up the Topics for November 2020 (Wishes) and October 2020 (Vision), the beginnings of an archive of some favourite topics over the years, which we’ll be adding to.

*I’ll still be producing the monthly email newsletter, and you’re very welcome to sign up (see the bottom of this page). The newsletter contains information about new publications, exhibitions, new projects, plus cartoons and pretty pictures.