A relatively new technique of lithography, originating in Japan. Done on wood rather than stone, you can see the grain of the wood in the background.

'The Art of' etchings

Cartoon Screen Prints

Handprinted, limited edition screenprint versions of some of Judy's best-known and most loved cartoons.

Far & Near Exhibition

Prints from Far and Near, an exhibition about maps and being in other places, held at Beaver Galleries in November 2015, which also included watercolours and ceramic objects. The prints are photopolymer, some printed relief, some intaglio.

Everyday Fairytales Exhibition

Handprinted limited edition screenprints made for my 2009 Everyday Fairytales exhibition at Helen Maxwell Gallery, looking at fairytales, stories of family history, and the fairytale city of Prague where my father, uncle and grandparents are from.

Instances Exhibition

Prints from my 2019 exhibition at Beaver Galleries, entitled 'Instances'. The exhibition consisted of these photopolymer prints printed intaglio and two etchings. 'Instances' was an exploration of ideas about early humans, their discovery of the symbolic and our understanding of what 'humankind' is.

The Library Exhibition

An ongoing series of book covers, made from real books tweaked slightly and turned into screenprints. The first one in the series was Fairytales, which was exhibited in the 'Everyday Fairytales' exhibition, the next three were produced as part of a Residency at Megalo.

Journey of Violets Exhibition

Produced for a group exhibition at Printmaker Gallery in Fitzroy in 2019, 'The Journey of Violets' where thirteen artists produced work inspired by a poem by a contemporary Iranian poet, Mohammad Reza Shafiei Kadkani, as a fundraiser for Asylum Seekers Resource Centre and to raise funds for its vital work.


In the past, in all my adventures in printmaking, I'd never much been drawn to lithography. Partly it didn't really suit my cartoony style. But now I find myself loving the act of drawing for itself more and more, and find I'm now drawn (haha) to lithography. Gently making marks on the stone, patiently building up the darks, watching the strange alchemy that fuses the image to the stone.


A couple of years ago I had a sudden urge to make ceramics, especially little figures in porcelain. I love having a piece of clay that you pinch and push around, and eventually it becomes something with character. I grouped them in pairs and trios, that gave them a narrative, even though I wasn't always sure what that narrative was.