Where is the Green Sheep? is 20 years old this year!

A bit over twenty years ago, Mem Fox was toottling about on the internet as you do, and saw on my website a tiny etching I had done of a sheep, which happened to be green. She fell instantly in love with it, and got in touch with me to tell me, and we decided to create a book together. The rest as they say is history – in May 2004 the beloved Where is the Green Sheep? was born. 

There’s quite a number of things happening in honour of this significant milestone, but that’s all I can say until things are announced officially. Watch this space! (Hope you’re impressed that I managed to fit twenty candles onto the cake sheep picture. In the book it only has a single candle. By the way the reason the orange sheep, yellow sheep and purple sheep get to have cake is because, by dint of being two syllable colour sheep, they couldn’t be in the book, so I gave them cake by way of compensation.)

Happy Birthday dear Green Sheep, happy birthday to you!

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