The darling little monster Growl!

The Story of Growl was my second picture book, and it’s one that is very dear to my heart. I love this little monster, so spirited and feisty. I particularly love the fact that people just assume the Growl is male and it is only when they get to the second page, where the text says ‘But most of all she loved to GROWL!’, that they realise that they have just been assuming Growl is male. I love the stories I’ve heard of the lovely surprise of girls reading it – ‘Wow, Growl is a girl!’ It doesn’t take kids long to have absorbed the message that main characters are male – grrr! The Story of Growl was first published by Penguin Books, but went out of print, until Booktopia/Brio Books brought it back to life (thank you, thank you). You can buy The Story of Growl here, exclusively from Booktopia

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