Cartoons for The Australia Institute

I’ve just started working with the progressive thinktank The Australia Institute. They have a fortnightly e-newsletter, and I’m doing cartoons for it on issues dear to their hearts, which just happen to pretty much be issues dear to mine. Below my first cartoon for them, ‘Green Coal’.

I don’t think I could have invented a better job for myself if I’d tried!

To see my new cartoons hot-off-the-press, you can sign up to the Australia Institute newsletter directly here, or via their website. I’ll also be publishing them on my website and in my own newsletter, but only after a little while. (We definitely need an online equivalent for the phrase ‘hot off the press’ which makes no sense anymore.)

This is the link to their most recent newsletter, which has my second cartoon, it’s the fourth item.


2 thoughts on “Cartoons for The Australia Institute

  • Hi Judy
    I love your first cartoon for the Australia institute and the crystal ball cartoon. I think I will subscribe to the newsletter for regular doses of your humour.

    • Thanks Judith, very glad you like it. Yes, sign up to the Australia Institute newsletter, it’s always interesting. And they’d love to have you! x

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