Happy Book Week! Happy GROWLING!

It’s the 2022 CBCA BookWeek here in Australia this week, August 20-26, and here is the most wonderful costume made for the grandniece of a friend of mine. The Story of Growl is one of the grandniece’s favourite books, and this costume has been months in the planning. Very gorgeous! On this dress rehearsal day she just did NOT want to put on the tail, there’s some feisty Growl attitude right there. Check out the video below of her running and growling, just like the little monster in the book.

The Story of Growl! (by me!) has been recently republished is available from Booktopia. I wanted to do a book with a female main character, joyous and feisty – a toddler kind of monster. Growl gets into trouble for her growling and then she saves the day! Perfect happy ending, and lots of opportunities to make noise. GROWL!

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