GIFT IDEAS – Judy Horacek Books

There have been a lot of bad things about 2021, but one fantastically wonderful thing is that The Story of Growl has been republished. Yes, my gorgeous little growling monster, the eponymous Growl, has been published in a new paperback version by Brio Books (the publishing arm of Booktopia). You can get at Booktopia here, and also in real life at Brunswick Bound.

Also new this year, a beautiful boxed set of the two Bonnie and Ben books by Mem Fox and me, Good Night Sleep Tight and Bonnie and Ben Rhyme Again. Featuring the siblings (maybe even twins) Bonnie and Ben, their wonderful babysitter/friend Skinny Doug, and lots of rhymes (very important for learning to read) published by Scholastic.  These two books are also available as individual books along with my other books with Mem Fox – Where is the Green Sheep?, Ducks Away and This & That at lots of bookshops (support the independents!) All these books will be available through almost all bookshops, in various editions, depending on the particular book – hardback, paperback, boardbook, and one fabulous boxed set.

Also available, my most recent cartoon collection, Now or Never which you can now get at Booktopia and also at Brunswick Bound. Brunswick Bound also has my second most recent collection, Random Life, as do other bookshops with great taste.

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