EXHIBITION: Bird’s Eye View

Last year I had an exhibition at Albury Library, Bird’s Eye View, which consisted of my cartoons, prints, original materials from my children’s books – a proper survey show, full of wonderful and fascinating stuff. It was meant to be on simultaneously with the premiere of the show I’d been working on with the Flying Fruit Flies Circus, also in Wodonga, and I was meant to go up and give a talk, and was also wanting to go up and just hang around, because it is wonderful seeing one’s work on the walls, and how someone else has arranged it and how it looks in a different space. The exhibition went on, it had to close a few times thanks to some pandemic or other, but it was open quite a lot in its season. Unfortunately I couldn’t get there, nor a lot of other people as well, but the Albury Library got it made into a virtual exhibition, and you can see it here.

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