Posted on: December 8, 2017

LOTS OF FABULOUS GIFT IDEAS IN THE HORACEK SHOP!  Everything cartoony you could possibly want plus FREE Express Postage within Australia for orders over $100 with the coupon code ‘hurry’.  And place your order before midnight on Wednesday 13 December and get a set of 15 Horacek Christmas cards absolutely free! (That’s better than steak knives.) Find cartoon books, picture books, calendars, fridge magnets and some great specials. Time to go shopping! https://horacek.com.au/horacek-shop/


  1. judy horacek , says:

    Hi Steve, the order came through and everything seemed in order so I filled it straightaway and posted it to Thailand. The postage with Australia Post came to $45.35, a bit more than you paid at the shop (two items at $18 each). Is that not what you wanted?

    Thanks for being a supporter of my work, and of asylum seekers too. If only we could get the great crime against humanity that is indefinite detention sorted out.

  2. Steve Irons , says:

    Hi Judy, I am the Bloggerme chat that asked a question. As you probably know I am a strong supporter of your work on twitter at more levels than asylum seekers. I am sorry if something didn’t go down well. I tried to put my own together by choosing three products but had a problem completing. My boy is in Thailand and the international mailing charges seem to add another60% is that because of you or something to do with the Thai govt? If you can connect to have a direct chat that’d be good or alternatively send me an email I might be able to complete the transaction otherwise I’ll wait till I return to Australia and do it myself. Cheers steve



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