So much to see and do with Ducks Away!

Posted on: August 7, 2018

I am very much looking forward to October when the new book by Mem Fox and me will be published in Australia, but in the meantime, I thought you might like to see some of the things people are doing with our book Ducks Away!, which is already out in both the United States and Australia.

Apart from the teapot one, the pics below have all been posted by various people on Instagram under #DucksAway. Turns out it’s not simply a fun picture book for storytime, it’s actually an entire Universe of Activities and skills to be acquired. With the added bonus of extremely cute ducks. Below is a sample of posts about the book and the games.

Plasticine fun by @Teach.Play.Guide

“Today we had so much fun working on our ‘amazing animals’ theme, prepositions, hand skills, science and subtraction/addition. ALL IN ONE LESSON!!  Using the gorgeous “Ducks Away!” by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek as a starting point…we counted, subtracted and had a lot of laughs. We then made yellow playdough and shaped it into ducks.

Bookish play by @two_little_amigos

“This was one of his birthday reads and it’s been read on repeat for the last week….I gave him no directions, just made sure he could see the pages and without prompting he started acting out the story alongside me. That’s the power of #bookishplay


Play-based learning by @real_learners_play

“Ducks Away!”  #reallearnersplay #playbasedlearning #literacy #numeracy




Waterplay by @lunchesandfoodfun

“We acted out the #ducksaway book after [having] been inspired this week by Playschool Story Time.”




And last but not lest, a pic from my own collection – a lovely teacosy that I received as a gift when the book first came out, here posing with the book that inspired it. Hopefully this duck is not going to go leaping off any bridges, although she definitely looks interested in what’s going on.


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