Random Life in the World

Posted on: August 23, 2017

All is going well in the world of Random Life.  The pledged books have been delivered, the real life shops have been stocked, the feedback has been great.  I’ve done Random Life events in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane, and been at the Writers Festival in Bendigo, and am about to be at the Writers Festival in Melbourne (Sunday 27 August, 10 am, on a panel with Kate Grenville and Leah Purcell, hosted by Sarah L’Estrange of Radio National).  At one of the Brisbane events, I was introduced by Quentin Bryce herself, who upgraded me from ‘absolute treasure’ (her quote on the front of Random Life) to ‘total and absolute treasure’.  Still very sad that my Foreworder John Clarke couldn’t come along to any of the celebrations – he is sorely missed by so many.

Next up, the aforementioned Melbourne Writers Festival this Sunday, then one final event in Canberra at the National Library on Thursday 7 September, where I am being interviewed by the delightful Alex Sloan.


  1. Gail , says:

    I love the new book. The final cartoon in the book with the man riding into the sunset seems very John Clarke to me – a lovely (if unintended) tribute.

    • judy horacek , says:

      Wow Gail, I had never thought of that, it was unintended, the order had already been chosen, it’s one of those strange happenstances. I will always think of hi now when I see that cartoon. Thanks for alerting me to it.



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