New Colouring In – Kings and Queens!

Posted on: August 20, 2020

Here’s another picture to colour in – it’s the page ‘I’ll tell you a story of Kings and Queens who loved to have a chat’ from Mem Fox and my third book together, This & That (Scholastic Press, 2015). I picked this picture because there are lots of things to colour in, and also in these Covid lockdown times, it’s a nice reminder of the times when people could visit each other for a party! Looking forward to those days coming back again.  The rodent heroes of This & That can be just seen in the crown of the queen on the far left, having hitched a ride back to the castle on top of the pile of luggage on the carriage. 

Download the pdf of the Kings and Queens here

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  1. Breed barrett , says:

    For my grandchildren please



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