Less than a week to go!

Posted on: September 14, 2018

Here’s a rare image of a joyous Mildred. Must be the wonderful sunshine today, or that our crowdfunding campaign for the Mildred 2019 Calendar has been hurtling along! Pictured below is the cartoon for the month of October.

There’s only one week of the campaign left: don’t forget to make your pledge and reserve your reward. https://www.pozible.com/project/mildred-1

(Please note, Mildred and I have hit our initial target, but we’ve set a stretch goal, which will give us some breathing space and some valuable assistance in getting the calendars out to everyone. And of course allow us to make more calendars – the world can’t have too much Mildred, even though she is not usually this happy.)

Hope you get some time in the sun today!

One Comment

  1. Alena , says:

    Hi Judy

    I will be able to process a predge next week Thursday (27/9)

    ps: also would love to put in an order for Bonnie and Ben Rhyme Again 🙂



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