Giant Card Sale

Posted on: March 31, 2016

After years of producing my own cards, I’m handing over the reins to the wonderful Blue Island Press, a small card company based in New South Wales, who will make and distribute them throughout Australia and New Zealand.  All new, redesigned, beautifully done, hopefully in lots more outlets.  A smaller range than before, but a slightly larger cards.  This new era begins on May 1.  I’m both very happy and a bit sad about the end of this era – I have made cards for almost as long as I have been a cartoonist!  But onwards and upwards – I’m having a RUNOUT SALE of my existing card stock – both Christmas cards and general greeting cards.  There are mixed card packs available through the Horacek shop – 2 each of 10 designs, with envelopes and in a cardboard box.  There is also a pack containing nothing but Woman with Altitude cards (20 cards with envelopes, in a cardboard box).  The more boxes you buy, the cheaper they get.   That’s all available through the shop,  And if you have a particular favourite Horacek card that you’d like to buy in bulk (bulk in this case being more than 20 of a single design), send me an email and enquire about its availability.  As they say in the classics, ALL STOCK MUST GO!


  1. Maria Cook , says:

    I was looking at ordering some cards. If I order 3 different boxed sets they are $35 each ($105) but if I order 3 of the same they are $90? Is that correct?
    I live quite close to Johnston St, is pick up possible?

    Ps I am a longtime fan.

    • judy horacek , says:

      Hi Maria, lovely to hear that you are a fan. Yes it is correct about the 3 packs the same being cheaper than the 3 different ones – it takes us longer to pack 3 different ones, getting out all the boxes of all the designs (30 designs as opposed to 10). As we’re not really selling the cards much anymore, it’s not economical to pre-pack. Unfortunately pickup isn’t possible, as I’m not always in my studio at regular times and when I am in my studio, interruptions are lethal to me trying to think up ideas. I can throw in a couple of extra cards if that makes up for anything, if you do want to place an order (just put a note in the Comments section reminding me – ‘Judy said I could have some extra cards with this order’). Warm wishes, Judy



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