Festive Bundles in the shop!

Posted on: November 10, 2017

The Silly Season has arrived in the Horacek shop!

Now available for the Christmas period are three special bundles of Horacek merchandise goodness: the Children’s Paperback Bundle, the Children’s Board Book Bundle, and the Book & Calendar Bundle!

The Children’s Paperback Bundle include three Horacek picture book favourites: the recently released paperback version of Mem Fox and my Good Night, Sleep Tight, (featuring Bonnie, Ben, Skinny Doug and lots of nursery rhymes) and her solo books, the beloved Yellow is my Colour Star (a propaganda work about the superiority of yellow, and a handy antidote to pink mania) and The Story of Growl (about the feisty and charming Growl, a strong girl role model character). This book is out of print but we have a cache we are prepared to share with the world.  THREE GORGEOUS PAPERBACKS AT THE SPECIAL FESTIVE PRICE OF $40!

The Children’s Board Book Bundle includes three collaborative books with Mem Fox – Good Night, Sleep TightWhere is the Green Sheep? and This & That – and the solo work These Are My Hands. These Are My Hands is out of print but we have a cache we are prepared to share with the world.  FOUR GORGEOUS BOARD BOOKS AT THE SPECIAL FESTIVE PRICE OF $50!

The Book & Calendar Bundle includes a copy of Judy Horacek’s two latest cartoon books, If You Can’t Stand the Heat and Random Life, and an official Judy Horacek 2018 wall calendar – all for 10% off!

AND REMEMBER: if you spend over $120 in the Horacek online shop you can get free shipping with the code ‘whizz’ at the checkout!



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