Help make Judy Horacek’s New Cartoon Book a Reality!

Posted on: October 12, 2016

pozible-main-image-all-small-580x327It’s high time there was a new Horacek cartoon book out in the world!  The last one was 2010, which is ages ago, and of course I’ve done lots of fabulous cartoons since then.  My plan is to self-publish, and I’ve got a three week crowdfunding* campaign going at Pozible to raise the money.  Really what I’m asking you to do is to pre-pay for a copy of the book, which will be delivered to you next March.  You help me with the money side, you receive a cartoon book in return.  Absolutely a win win situation. A simple click here will take you to my campaign.

*What is Crowd-funding?

Crowd-funding is where you (that is, me) ask the ‘crowd’, i.e. anyone and everyone, to help you with funds so you can make your project a reality. Nowadays there are a number of websites that do this, the one I am using is Pozible.  I have set up a ‘campaign’ on the Pozible website, which describes my project, who I am, how much money I need to make the book a reality and so on.  It also features lots of the cartoons that will be in the book.  You can see it here,

But you don’t have to hand over money for nothing, there are ‘rewards’.  My most basic reward is a copy of the book, which you will receive when it is published $25, and they go up from there.  So as I said above, it is really just paying in advance for the book, in order that it can hapen.

To do this, you do have to sign up to Pozible.  That’s relatively straight forward, you give your name and email address.  Payments are via credit card or Paypal.

You are only charged if the project is successful, that is reaches its target.  If I don’t reach my target funds, I don’t get anything and no book is made.  So please, share the word!


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  1. Janette Hunter , says:

    Sounds good – I love your take on our crazy world!



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