Baby Talk the Hardline Way – new cartoon

Posted on: February 8, 2016

I don’t normally add cartoons to the Topic of the Month once it’s up, but not long after I posted February’s Topic, Asylum Seekers, my eye/pen couldn’t fail to be caught by the predicament of the 267 asylum seekers who have been on mainland Australia for medical treatment and are now being sent back to Nauru.  This isn’t to forget the plight of the ones who have never left Nauru, who shouldn’t be being held there either – but the way this particular case is being handled reveals so much about how politicised and inhumane the whole issue has become.

febASextra-babytalk322dpiClick here to see the whole ‘Asylum Seeker Topic of the Month’.


  1. Marietta Balzer , says:

    Ich finde ers grossartig, dass Du liebe Judy dieses weltweite Thema in Deinen Cartoons ansprichst Es ist beschämend, diese in so grosse Not geratenen Menschen,zurückzuschicken.

    • judy horacek , says:

      Thanks Marietta, lovely to hear from you. As you say, it is a global issue, and one which must be solved in a better way than we are doing. A friend of mine translated your comment for me (I could only get the gist of it), here it is for all us non-german speakers: “I think it is fantastic that you, dear Judy, address this global issue in your cartoons. It is shameful to send these poor, desparate people back.”



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