And the campaign rolls on (Day 6)

Posted on: October 17, 2016

In one hour it will be 24 hours times 5 since I launched this campaign to raise the money to selfpublish a new book and it’s going really well, $9285, which is 67% of my goal.  I’m really grateful to everyone who has pledged, from the smallest to the greatest amount.   Thank you all!  Supporters with a special shoutout are Liz Telford, Roz Daniell, Ika Willis, Jack Ennis Butler, Criena Fitzgerald, Jannine Barnes, Lyn Valentine, Sueanne Mathews, Marita Cullen, Sue Tape, Patrick Nielsen, Helen Spyrou and Beth Battrick.  143 supporters so far – heartfelt thanks to you all.


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