A new way of prints

Posted on: October 5, 2016

For a long time I’ve been planning to investigate giclee printing in relation to my work (a lot of artists are doing them nowadays) and I’ve finally done it.  Giclee prints are reproduction prints of an extremely high quality, printed on archival paper and with proper pigment based inks.  So, not prints in the ‘printmaking’ sense of getting one’s hands dirty and messing about with inks and presses and I suppose I’ve been a bit of a purist about them.  But giclee prints are not pretending to be art prints, they are a different beast altogether, and they are a wonderful way to create a limited edition of what was a one-off work, a watercolour painting for example. (And they are certainly not pretending to be the original work either, which has a value way beyond a reproduction, no matter how great the quality of the reproduction is).


In an exhibition I had last year, I exhibited prints and also eleven watercolour paintings.  I’d never exhibited actual paintings before.  They sold out quickly, which was very gratifying.  In my not quite humble opinion, they have a beauty and an atmosphere to them – unlike cartoons they are not reliant on a punchline and their meanings are open, and more complicated.  I realised that I wanted more people to be able to see the images, or at least a version of the images, and perhaps have them hanging in their homes.  So I decided they should be my first foray into giclee print editions.  I’ve had some printed up and they are now available for sale in the Horacek shop.  There is something magical about an original painting, the actual piece that the artist has touched and worked on, the physicality of the paint applied, the textures of the markmaking, the fact, above all, that it is unique.  Giclee prints are not that – they are reproduction prints.  But they are beautifully produced and look stunning.  The editions are strictly limited to 25.  Anyway, take a look – there are examples on this page and you can see the whole eleven in the website shop (which also has all the information about size, price etc)



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