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As well has having her cartoons published in newspapers, magazine and books, Judy Horacek’s professional life has been a quest to find new and better places to put her work.  Below is list of the cartoons used in other forms – on various items of merchandise and on limited edition screenprints.

As well as the merchandise and screenprints below, Judy’s cartoons feature in a range of greeting cards in Australia, and one in the USA (‘Lost & Found’ by Sunrise Greetings) and the UK (‘Lost in Space’ by Really Good Cards).

Unfortunately it is impossible to make every cartoon available on every product, but there’s plenty to chose from.

For more information on specific products, go to the Classic Cartoon Screenprint and/or the Merchandise sections.  Below is a list of which cartoons appear on what products.


Woman with Altitude
– limited edition screenprint
– snow globe, apron, tea towel, t-shirt, fridge magnet, mug, tote bag, greeting card

Nice Disheys 
– apron, tea towel, greeting card


Global Warming
– limited edition screenprint
– apron, teatowel, greeting card

Kisses in your lunchbox
– apron, greeting card


Make Cakes Not War
– apron, tea towel, greeting card


Parallel Parking
-apron, greeting card


Woman with a Past
– apron, teatowel, greeting card


Therapy Santa
– limited edition screenprint 
– apron, mug


Parental Advice
– tea towel


Bewilderment Lane
– Tea towel, greeting card


– Tea towel


Driver or Passenger
– tea towel, greeting card


Kisses in your lunchbox
– tea towel, greeting card


Seize the day
– tea towel, greeting card


35 Cartoons about Snow
– tea towel


Excellent Song Choice
– tea towel, greeting card


Perfect Wife
– tea towel, greeting card


Career Advice – Essential tasks
– Tote bag, fridge magnet, mug, greeting card


Animal Impersonations
– limited edition screenprint
– greeting card


Building Site Fantasy
– limited edition screenprint
– Greeting card


Curtains for the Black Sheep
– Tote bag


Career Advice – Sticky yellow
– Tote bag, fridge magnet, greeting card


PIN genie
– Tote bag, greeting card


There are too many cartoons featured on the greeting cards in the three ranges to list them all specifically, so check out your local stockist.  (Please note, cartoon choices differ across the ranges)