• Yellow is My Colour Star
  • Written and illustrated by Judy Horacek,
  • Picture Book
  • Out of print

Yellow is My Colour Star

Yellow is my favourite color.
Of all the colors that I see,
Yellow is the one for me.
But what is your favorite color?

Yellow is my colour star – Australian edition
Yellow is my color star – US edition


I am so pleased that my Yellow book is back in the world.  It was first published in Australia as Yellow is My Favourite Colour, by Penguin Books, as a 24 page board book.  But now it is published as a 32 page book, which was my original intention, and called Yellow is My Colour Star, or Color Star, depending where you hail from.  All the joy of the first version, but with extra words and extra pages.  ‘Which colour do you like the most? Which colour could you eat on toast?’

Here’s something Mem Fox was good enough to write for this page.  Please note that she says that this book is ‘one of her all time favourite picture books for the very young’.  Woo hoo!

If you have a young child you have to have Yellow Is My Colour Star! Obviously it was written and illustrated by the renowned Judy Horacek, whose website you are perusing this very minute.

I adore this book. It’s one of my all-time favourite picture books for the very young, and I’ve been one of its strongest advocates. I was aghast when it went out of print in Australia and raved about it to my American publishers.  They loved it and have now published a slightly larger, longer edition. It’s divine.  This new edition has been published in Australia as well.

This book came out the year my grandson was born.  It was a perfect book for him for the next three years. It goes without saying that the pictures are wonderfully colourful and original; and it’s quirky in a manner that it SO Horacek no one else can come near it. The text has a gorgeous rhyme to it, lovely repetition, and lilting rhythm. The fact that it also teaches the colours to tiny tots is almost, but not quite, irrelevant.

Best of all it’s short!  Bliss for busy parents, and a beautiful gift for children, every time it’s read.

Mem Fox Adelaide 2014


Out of Print (can sometimes be found in secondhand bookshops and online)


Simon and Schuster/Beach Lane, US $16.99, ISBN 978-1-4424-9299-8
Scholastic Australia, ISBN 13: 9781743622728 ISBN 10: 1743622724




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