• Woman with Altitude
  • Judy Horacek,
  • Cartoon Book
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Woman with Altitude

Australia has a great tradition of thinking cartoonists. Of the hip new generation, few can match Judy Horacek for wit and originality. Her cartoons celebrate the rich absurdities of contemporary living, from the contradictions of intellectual fads to the simple pleasure of taking to your computer with an axe.


This particular pun is now everywhere, but when I did the Woman with Altitude cartoon, no one had thought of it, at least not publicly. It’s now my best known cartoon.  My third cartoon book, it contains an eclectic mix of cartoons, from the peaceloving little old lady with a chook in her car, to the six part series ‘Pre-Menstrual in the Postmodern Age’.

This is probably the only time that it wasn’t a chore to find the title for a cartoon collection, it was completely obvious that it had to be Woman with Altitude.


Out of Print (can sometimes be found in secondhand bookshops and online)

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