• Unrequited Love Nos. 1 – 100
  • Judy Horacek,
  • Cartoon Book
  • Out of print

Unrequited Love Nos. 1 – 100

Born between the generation that had it all and the generation that wants it all, Judy Horacek belongs to the generation that’s not quite sure what it is.

Unrequited Love Nos. 1–100 is for anyone who is seeking requital – in love, in life or in personal politics. A book for both romantics and cynics, for the seriously lovelorn, the genuinely confused and the downright annoyed.


My second book of cartoons, this series was begun as an antidote to the ‘couple fascism’ of this world, where the dominant message seems to be that you have to be in a relationship to be a real person. Okay, there’s a bit of romantic yearning in there as well, but mostly the cartoons are about being strong and individual, as in ‘Win a fabulous holiday for one!’   I drew the first unrequited love cartoon as a response to having my heart broken, but it seemed to give that single incident to much significance, so I decided to draw a whole series.

I’ve had the strongest responses to the cartoons in this book, with comments like ‘How did you see inside my head?’ and ‘Your knight-in-shining-armour cartoon sums up exactly how I feel’.   Sometimes cartoons can really help!

(Unfortunately this book is currently out of print.)


Out of Print (can sometimes be found in secondhand bookshops and online)