• These are my Feet
  • By Judy Horacek, 2007
  • Picture Book
  • 24 pages
  • Puffin Baby Australia
  • ISBN: 97080143502241
  • Out of print

These are my Feet

It’s time to get up and join the fun! Discover all the things you can do and all the wonderful places your feet can take you…


The rhyme for this came as I was finishing off the pictures for The Story of Growl. I was getting a bit bored with the task of colouring in all the pieces of fruit on Growl’s fruit trees, and the words ‘My feet take me places, inside-outside different spaces’ came into my head. Along with the words came a picture of looking down at two feet, such a familiar view, and the rest of the book just flowed from there.  A book of simple drawings for small children just discovering walking and running.

I also knew it was a major procrastination device – even though the deadline for the last of the Growl artwork was well and truly upon me, I couldn’t resist abandoning it for a little while to work on what became These are my Feet. I spent the rest of that day trying to think of every possible ‘aces’ rhyme, to arrange into the story. The text didn’t change very much from that first version.

These are my Feet is now available in a single back-to-back edition with These are my Hands, published by The National Library of Australia. Click here to see the new book.


Out of Print (can sometimes be found in secondhand bookshops and online)


Puffin Babies in Australia  ISBN 978-0-14-350224-1
Penguin Group / Woongjin, Korea ISBN 978-89-01-11290-9 (Smart English Project – in English with MP3 audio, as you hold the ‘pen’ over the words, they are read aloud)
In Chinese – Foreign Language Teaching Press, Beijing ISBN 978-7-51352460-5


My friend Will with 'These are my Feet'

My friend Will with ‘These are my Feet’

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