• Now or Never
  • Now or Never, 2020
  • Cartoon Book
  • 278 pages
  • Horacek Press
  • ISBN: 9789780987619
  • In print

Now or Never

Here it is, Now or Never, the book formerly known as Judy Horacek’s Last Cartoon Collection. Her tenth cartoon collection – a feat not many cartoonists can lay claim to.

The cartoons cover all Horacek’s familiar themes – the environment, feminism, social justice, progressive politics and other causes close to the hearts of all thinking people, along with plenty of simply silly cartoons about the absurdity of life. Plus all the Mildreds, and for some reason quite a lot of giraffes.

‘…a sublime subjectivity and lightness of touch’ John Clarke, from his foreword to Judy Horacek’s Random Life


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Horacek Press, ISBN:  9780987612946