lost in space

Lost in Space

If you’ve ever woken up to a bad hair day, blown your nose on the sleeve where you wear your heart, discovered you owe thousands of dollars for parking fines you never knew about, and had your fridge magnets suicide on you, you are not alone.

In Lost in Space, Judy Horacek gives you twenty-five good reasons to opt out of life in the fast lane and settle on the slow couch for the next little while.


This book is a bit different to the others in that it contains little stories of the disasters and triumphs of my life until that point, mixed in with the cartoons. The cartoons were mostly first published in the Melbourne newspaper, The Age, from a weekly gig I had there for a while.  I wrote many of the stories originally for my own amusement, until I had the idea to turn them into a book.

 I drove a yellow Volvo at that point in my life, so I saw humour everywhere.

(Unfortunately this book is currently out of print)