if the fruit fits

If the fruit fits

A book of cartoons that take up the ‘epochryphal’ themes of our time – ecological holocaust, domestic disaster, the nature of real art and of office work, and how to deal with sticky yellow bits of paper.

Assailed by millennial blues yet refusing to succumb, this iconoclastic cartoonist can’t help but give us reasons to be cheerful in the midst of confusion.


Honourable mention for ‘An outstanding contribution to Australian culture’,  Centre for Australian Cultural Studies National Awards, 1999


Most of the cartoons in this book are from my time working on the Australian Magazine, the colour supplement in the Weekend Australian newspaper. It was a great gig that lasted a few years, and the first time my cartoons had been regularly published in colour.  The title comes from when I was on a rally to try to protect Hinchinbrook Island and the waterways from inappropriate development, and a passerby called out that we were watermelons – i.e. green on the outside but red on the inside.  He meant it to be the hugest insult, but we didn’t see it as that.  (The campaign is still going on by the way.)

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