• These Are My Hands / These Are My Feet
  • By Judy Horacek, 2011
  • Picture Book
  • National Library of Australia
  • ISBN: 9780642277480
  • Out of print

These Are My Hands / These Are My Feet


Viva the tête-bêche book! After a successful life as separate volumes These are My Feet and These are My Hands have been reborn as a wonderful back-to-back book – you read one and then turn it over and read the other. (The technical term is apparently tête-bêche). This new beautiful edition is published by The National Library of Australia, as a beautiful hardback with strong sturdy pages, and with a dust jacket no less.  Very fancy. The back-to-back form is perfect for these two related but independent texts, a delight to read one and then turn over to read the other story.

The original Hands and Feet books were originally published by Penguin, but have been unavailable for a little while. The good news is that thanks to the National Library,  they’re back in this wonderful new single edition-  even more gorgeous than before!  (To read more about each book click on these links: These are my Feet (the first one I did) and  These are my Hands (the one that followed shortly afterwards).


Out of Print (can sometimes be found in secondhand bookshops and online)


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