• Good Night, Sleep Tight
  • Written by Mem Fox, illustrated by Judy Horacek, 2013
  • Picture Book
  • 32 pages
  • Scholastic Publishing Australia
  • ISBN: 9781742832579
  • In print

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Another perfect picture book from the creators of the bestselling classic Where is the Green Sheep?
Bonnie and Ben have a favourite babysitter whose much loved nursery rhymes ensure a wonderful, whimsical world before bedtime.


Mem’s and my Where is the Green Sheep? was published eight years ago, and quickly became a childhood classic, one of those books every child must have. Ever since then, Mem and I have been looking for another project to do together, but nothing has seemed quite right.  We considered quite a number of crazy zany animal ideas, but in the end what seemed best to me, was to do something entirely different.  Mem and I have the same agent, the wonderful Jenny Darling, and she suggested that I look at this text by Mem that had first been published in the 1980s, but had gone out of print.   The plan was for a new edition of this book, Good Night, Sleep Tight, with brand new illustrations.  It’s the story of two children at bedtime, whose babysitter tells them lots of nursery rhymes at bedtime.

I think what appealed was a) it was so different to the Green Sheep, and b) there were lots of possibilities for the pictures.  The idea of the two strands to the story – the contemporary story of the babysitter with the two children, and the more old-fashioned ‘stories’ of all the nursery rhymes really appealed.  The two strands interweave – showing the children, Bonnie and Ben and their babysitter, Skinny Doug, at home, and also off on adventures in the nursery rhymes.  And of course at the end of the book, everyone is peacefully asleep, just the way we like it.


‘So once again we have a classic in the making, a tribute to the everlasting joy of nursery rhymes by two of Australia’s master storytellers.’
                                                 Alexa DretzkeReadings Newsletter, October 2012


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Scholastic Australia Pty Limited  ISBN 978-1-74283-257-9
Hardback, Scholastic Australia ISBN 978-981-11-3094-6
Scholastic USA ISBN 978-0-545-53370-6
Scholastic Australia (10th Anniversary Special Edition) ISBN 978-1-76120-776-1




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