Yellow is my favourite but I love them all

Posted on: March 18, 2013

My Beautiful Palettes!  I spent last Friday afternoon cleaning and arranging my palettes in preparation for making some new pages for a new LONGER edition of  Yellow is My Favourite Colour (stay tuned for more details). The book is a celebration of all the colours, and so is this photo. I am very excited that the book is being republished, I adore it. (N.B. the palettes are icecube trays, hence their shape.  Also many of my paint tubes are dried up, so some of the colours are solid lumps because I had to break them out of the tubes with a knife).


  1. Eve , says:

    I just tried to email you to find out how to get a copy of this book for my 2 year old – she loves it!
    I have searched high and low but nowhere seems to have a copy. We are so glad it is being republished. Any idea when it will be out?
    Have fun adding to it and do please be inspired by knowing that there is at least one little girl out there who can’t wait to see your work 🙂

    • judy horacek , says:

      Hi Eve, Just to let you know (if I haven’t already) that my Yellow book is now republished. With the new title of ‘Yellow is my colour star’, by Scholastic in Australia and Beach Lane in USA. It took a while, but finally it is out (your daughter may have moved on from yellow by now!), Warm wishes, Judy

  2. SusanJ , says:

    Love the colours – all of them – but also the ice cube trays! It makes the aspiring artist recognise that professional artists still use regular equipment and have old dried-up tubes of things in the bottom of the drawer.

    • judy horacek , says:

      Yes, sometimes when I look at the condition of the stuff I use, and the mess it is generally in, I feel like I must be a fraud, someone doing a bad impersonation of a professional. But it’s worked so far…



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