Yellow is Back, What a Star!

Posted on: May 23, 2014

I am delighted to be able to announce that my picture book about Yellow and all the colours is back in print, with a new title and in a wonderful new edition. The book that was previously known as Yellow is My Favourite Colour is now called Yellow is My Color Star in the USA (Simon and Schuster) and Yellow is My Colour Star in Australia (Scholastic).  It’s bigger, brighter and longer than it was before, now in a full 32 page hardback.  You can read more about it here (and watch how the cover cleverly changes between the two versions)


  1. Jane Nossek , says:

    I had also noticed the shared surname (I am a mother of 2, living in Newcastle, UK. Both my parents are Czech!)
    I saw some of your cards today for the first time and found them very funny!! I noticed the name and did a little Internet research (having bought some cards!)
    My girls are now growing up so we no longer buy many young children’s books…. Thanks for your lovely humorous pics!!
    Best wishes, Jane.

    • judy horacek , says:

      Nazdar Jane! Thanks for writing. re you lucky enough to speak Czech? Only my father is Czech, Mum is Australian so we weren’t taught it (I only know a couple of phrases). Glad you’ve found the cards and liked them, shame your girls are too old for the picture books, but maybe soon they will be old enough for the cartoons. I have a monthly newsletter if you’d like to sign up, and hear all about any different things I am doing. By the way, I am no relation of Petr Horacek, the picture book writer and illustrator who is Czech, based in the Uk, you might come across his work as well. Ahoj

  2. Veronika , says:

    Hello! I just checked your book at the library and love it (my son’s favorite color is yellow like the man with the yellow hat). I got it by mistake getting books by Petr Horacek. Are you by any chance related? It’s great to see a successful writers with a Czech name. Many good wishes. Veronika

    • judy horacek , says:

      Hi Veronika, So glad to hear that you love the Yellow book. No, I am no relation to Petr (as far as I am aware) but I admire his work. Like you, I love seeing Czech names on books too. I am half Czech, with a Czech father and Australian mother, which I consider the best of both worlds (although sadly it means I don’t speak Czech). Warm wishes to you, Judy



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