Where is the Treasure Sheep?

Posted on: September 30, 2013

When I was in Canberra last week doing the final little things on the new edition of my cartoon book, I am woman, hear me draw with the National Museum, I also had the chance to go to the National Library of Australia to visit the amazing Treasures exhibition, full of treasures from their collection – original manuscripts, photos, ephemera.  The exhibition is arranged according to letters of the alphabet (it is a library after all) and ‘I is for Illustration’ features three of the paintings from Where is the Green Sheep?.  It’s a huge honour for the book to be recognised in this way.

The three pictures looked wonderful all properly framed and hanging on the wall.  In the above picture you can see to the left the ‘I is for illustration’ sign.  The picture below shows the works in situ, in the company of other Library ‘treasures’.  The National Library owns all of the original illustrations from the book, and a lot of the early workings out and drafts as well – and not only do they own them, but they consider them treasures!


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