Test 2

Posted on: October 19, 2013

Here are two kookaburras I saw last week at the coast. They were very friendly, although I know it was about a desire for me to feed them, not any great affection for me. They are here because I am testing out posting to my website from my phone, and hey presto, it works. As they say in the song, ‘Merry, merry king of the web am I!’



  1. Lesley @ Australian Picture Books , says:

    You are getting very tech savvy!
    Kookaburras are our favourite bird and they visit our house and sit on the verandah about 5 times each year. I’m sure one brought his/her baby back to visit but how can you be sure?

  2. Jo Ludbrook , says:

    Brilliant. You’re a genius.



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