Summertime and the cartoons are breezy…

Posted on: January 2, 2014

Well not breezy exactly, but I couldn’t say ‘easy’ because that’s even less true, as are all the other rhymes I could think of.  Yes it’s summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, and once again I have the great good fortune of filling in on the Letters Page in the Age for a couple of the regular cartoon chaps who are on holidays.  I started in the paper on 18 December (I did the cartoon the day before obviously) and will have two or three cartoons published every week throughout January.  It’s such a lot of fun.  You can check out the Age online to see them – remember, it’s the Letters Page.  I usually tweet or Facebook a link on the day.  And after a certain amount of time has passed, I can publish them myself.  So here’s one of the first of them – about Tony Abbott’s tendency to put slogans above people, and his appalling lack of compassion to people made redundant.


  1. Michael Filgate , says:

    Loving your cartoons in the Age. They’re about the only thing in that tag with paying for any more.
    Keep up the good work.


  2. Bighead1883 , says:

    More of these please,weekly if possible



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