Posted on: September 30, 2013

This year we have two Christmas card offers! 

OFFER ONE Just for Laughs:

Cards are sold in bundles of 10 –  you can buy 10 of the one design or a Mixed Christmas Pack which has 1 each of the 10 designs. A bundle of 10 cards is the bargain price of $35 (inc. GST), with free postage and handling to anywhere in the world!  See all the designs below (also check out Offer 2, which has 5 Christmas cards along more political lines)

To download an order form with all the information you need, click here.

  C16 – Therapy Santa

   C25 – Follow that Star

  C29 – Jingle my Bells

  C30 – www.christmas

  C33 – Wandering Present

  C35 – Christmas with Altitude

  C44 – Flying Woman Santa

  C47 – Blue Santa

  C49 – Singing in the Reindeer

  C50 – Stressed Reindeer




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