Save the Windsor!

Posted on: October 10, 2009

Developers are moving in on the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne, wanting to convert it to another huge soulless hotel, leaving only the facade, which will be dwarfed by a huge tower.  We’re going to end up with no old buildings at all in Melbourne, losing so much of what gives the city its character.  Then no one will want to visit, so there will be no need for a gigantic hotel!   You can read all about it and sign the petition and join a facebook group at


  1. Michele Walker , says:

    I cannot believe the idiocy of this situation. How could one even consider this as an option. The Windsor Hotel must be preserved at all costs. Not only would this developement destroy a beautiful historical building it would also destroy on the of the best veiws to parliment house.
    Perhaps the Indonesian family involved in the developement would consider moving their project to a historical site in Indonesia ?



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