Hear me Draw New Edition!

Posted on: September 2, 2013

For the past little while I’ve been working on updating my book, I am Woman, Hear Me Draw, published by the National Museum of Australia.  It began life as a catalogue for my exhibition of the same name, which opened at the Museum in Canberra in 2002 and then toured to a number of different institutions around Australia.  The catalogue then took on a life of its own, and became a book in its own right, and was subsequently reprinted several times. I was delighted when the Museum approached me to do a new updated edition, including an entire extra chapter of 14 new cartoons.  And the book which was originally black and white, is now in glorious colour!   I would never resile from being a black and white artist, but COLOUR – wow!  Here are a few examples of previously black and white cartoons looking fantastic in their new colour versions.

And updating the book?  Well I wanted to replace any cartoon that had dated since it was first published, a little over a decade ago.  That ended up being a grand total of two.  And they were dated for reasons of technology, not sense – one featured a fax machine and one a computer with a floppy disc slot.  On the one hand this is great – my work stands up to the test of time, and on the other hand, sheesh –  surely one or two of the issues facing contemporary women could have been dealt with by now!

This new edition of I am Woman, Hear Me Draw will be out sometime in October 2013, which is really soon.  It comes at a time when it does seem that there’s something of a new feminist spirit in the land, a new spark of inspiration.  In spite of all the setbacks, we’re still strong – still climbing those mountains. Hope you enjoy the new edition.


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