‘Finding the Funny!’ – Exhibition at Artspace Mackay

Posted on: August 24, 2020

In a different world, right about now I would have been visiting beautiful Mackay right now, revelling in the beautiful Queensland winter weather and swanning about the foyer exhibition area at Artspace Mackay, because I have an exhibition on there right now, until October 18. This is a wonderful thing and very exciting, but times being what they are with covid restrictions, I can’t be there. Hopefully lots of people are in the area and are able to go and have a look.


The exhibition consists of both my cartoon work and my children’s book work, and there are also bits and pieces that will give people an idea of my process of making the work. Plus you can see the original etching of a sheep which happens to be green that I did many years ago – the very image which inspired Mem Fox to think a book about a green sheep would be a good idea. As well, there’s the rough little mockup I made of how Where is the Green Sheep? might look, showing where things went on which pages and how each sheep would look.  And the shop has quite a few Horacek books on sale that might tempt your fancy.

Thanks very much to Artspace Mackay for having the exhibition and for their ongoing support navigating it in these challenging times – wish I could be there with you!


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