A fortnight of sunrises

Posted on: August 30, 2016

I’m always putting photos of dawns and dusks on Instagram and Facebook, yes cliches, but also, awesome (in the original sense of the word) and my favourite times to look at the sky.  Here is a supercharged version – the sunrise of every morning in my trip to Skopelos Island in Greece earlier this year, a series of photos made into a film.  Every morning I would throw open my bedroom shutters and take a picture.  Not exactly the same time each day, but all still within the sunrise zone. (Had I known from the start I was making a series I would have been more careful to use the same orientation and viewpoint, and quite possibly I would have set an alarm as well).  Every sunrise was different, that’s my main point – the sea, the sky, the light – an ever changing beautiful drama.  I was there doing a printmaking workshop with Australian printer Basil Hall – he’s based in ACT/NSW but also has a studio on the island and runs a tour to Skopelos every year – highly recommended.  After taking my photos, I usually draw for a few hours until breakfast (well, yes okay, some days I did just go back to sleep for a while), and then we would make prints all day.  Plus there were beaches and tavernas and walks to do.  It seemed so easy to be an artist there, thinking deeply about pictures and exploring ideas.  Back in my real life that sense is harder to maintain, the tedious tasks of making a living seem to loom large – but I am trying!  Exploring other mediums (such as ‘films’ and ceramics and trying to keep building on my printmaking knowledge and skills) is an important part of that.

The sea in the photos is the Aegean, the headland on the right is part of Skopelos Island, the island in the background is Alonisos, and the pyramid mountain you can see in a couple of the shots is Mount Athos on the mainland, which is not visible everyday, apparently seeing it brings you luck.  So, welcome to my first ever foray into film-making – nothing brilliant but undeniably pretty.


  1. Henry Porter , says:

    Wow – but I need another coffee now!

  2. Rose , says:

    Delightful! Thanks for allowing us a peek into your summer “vacation”. I esp. liked the first cloudy sunrise – so dramatic. Wonderful vid. Keep on doing them. Your funny photos around town surely could be video material too, somehow.



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