Topic of the Month – May 2018

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Topic of the Month – May 2018

April 30, 2018

This month’s topic is ‘Yoga, Mindfulness and Overthinking’- a multifaceted topic that allows for lateral cartoon connections. I know what I mean.

Next month’s topic is Zebras and Giraffes.

Every month this website will feature twenty or so Horacek cartoons on a chosen topic. I chose them alphabetically. All cartoons are ¬©Judy Horacek. I’d rather you didn’t use these cartoons without my permission, … more »

Cartoon for our times

April 16, 2018

I created my ‘What difference does it make’ cartoon a number of years ago. In fact it was last century.  Tragically it is still as current today as it was then.  Possibly even more so. It was originally published in the Australian Magazine.  I can’t say I hope you enjoy it, because it’s not that sort of cartoon.  It may … more »

Topic of the Month – April 2018

April 1, 2018

This month’s topic is ‘X-tinction’. It’s not cheery. Human beings are by far the most destructive and deadly species on the planet. Not sure why we can’t seem to stop ourselves, I hope we wake up soon.

Sorry about starting the word ‘Extinction’ with an X. I actually hate that kind of thing, but it’s X-tremely difficult to find topics starting … more »