If it’s a party, there must be cake!

Monthly Archives: December 2014

If it’s a party, there must be cake!

December 21, 2014

Finally I get around to putting this photo into the Bragbook. ┬áHere is a picture of the beautiful birthday cake that the National Library of Australia provided for the 10th Birthday party for Mem Fox and my Where is the Green Sheep? ┬áThe occasion was also the launch of Penguin’s special anniversary edition of the Green Sheep – a boxed … more »

This creative life No.4 – Calling All Elves

December 6, 2014

In which the artist attempts to harness the power of fairytales in her run up to the deadline – the absolute, final, ultimate deadline.

At the moment I am in the last stage of making the pictures for my next picture book, another collaboration with Mem Fox. It will be published in October 2015 by Scholastic, the publishers of our Good … more »