The Growl Quilt

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The Growl Quilt

March 29, 2010

Following on from her wonderful Where is the Green Sheep? quilt, Merle Mitchell made this amazing quilt based on The Story of Growl for my niece Alice.

It’s a beautiful quilt, with lots of episode from the book represented. It probably took as long to make as the book did to draw!  It was much more complicated to make … more »

Baby Noor and the Red Sheep

March 29, 2010

Another beautiful cake inspired by ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’. This one comes all the way from London, and it’s the first one starring one of the other sheep in the book.

Dear Judy,

When trying to decide what sort of cake to make for my daughter’s first birthday, I thought that a sheep cake would be perfect. “Where is the … more »

Let there be dark!

March 25, 2010

There is now an anti-Earth hour event run by climate change deniers, and supported by parts of the Liberal Party (please note, this is in Australia, where ‘the Liberals’ are the opposite of ‘liberal’). It’s called ‘Human Achievement Hour’ demanding that everyone turn their lights ON at the exact same time as Earth Hour, Saturday 27 March 2010, between … more »

Best wishes

March 17, 2010

I often sign off emails with just ‘Best’, which I think sounds less formal than ‘Best Wishes’. But lately I keep mistyping the word, and it comes out as ‘Beset’. This felt like a Freudian slip, because I do feel beset by things at the moment – tasks, problems, existential dilemmas… But when I looked up the word … more »

Danger signs

March 11, 2010

Does it bother anyone else that the radioactive symbol is used as the icon on your computer to signify burning cds and dvds?  Shouldn’t that symbol only stand for Danger! ?

Warning Radioactive Material!  Beware! Don’t tamper with anything here! Get the hell out! Danger! Danger! Danger!

Radioactivity is a really really bad thing to come across.  So how come software producers … more »

Hold on!

March 4, 2010

This morning I saw on the side of a bus stop, a big ad for 600ml Coke in a NEW BOTTLE.  The new bottle has added grips – that is, small raised dots that supposedly make it easier to hold onto.  I can’t help but wonder what it is that people are doing while drinking Coke that mean they need … more »