First blog entry

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First blog entry

June 29, 2009

Dear Everyone, 

This is my first blog post. I have had lots of things whizzing around in my head as possible blog posts, but of course time has got away from me.  I have been scrambling on a steep 21st century learning curve, getting together my new website with all its new stuff, under the guidance of the designer, Fiona Edge … more »

Brag Book

June 29, 2009

Welcome to the Brag Book.  It isn’t quite working exactly as I’d like yet, but you’ll get the general idea.  It’s stuff about my work, and about people having things to do with my work.  Thanks to everyone who has allowed me to use their photos.   There are more to come.  If you have a photo you’d like to … more »

Campbell’s birthday cake

June 28, 2009

There seems to be a bit of a cake theme happening around the green sheep.  Mem Fox has sent me photos of a number of Green sheep cakes people have made for her on her birthday when she happens to be somewhere far from home giving a lecture or on a book tour.

Mem and I were sent this fantastic series … more »

Ella at the zoo

June 28, 2009

Ella’s grandmother sent me this gorgeous photo.  “My daughter gave her niece (and my grand daughter) Ella, a copy of These are my Hands at a zoo twilight concert a fortnight ago.

 This photo doesn’t show it but Ella is surrounded by adult aunts, uncles, cousins and grand parents. For the whole evening the focus of her attention was the book … more »

The Story of Growl

June 27, 2009

The Story of Growl was launched at the old Books Illustrated with aplomb by the wonderful Julie McCrossin, who got everyone growling. Not just the kids, that’s too easy, but the adults as well.  Because afternoon tea features so strongly in the book, I made hundreds of cupcakes for us to eat, iced in different colours.   The little monster … more »

Green sheep quilt 2

June 26, 2009

The second Green Sheep quilt – made by Berit Verburg–Kjaerstad, Netherlands.  

 “When I visited my grandchildren in Australia some time ago, we enjoyed your and Mem’s book “Where is the Green Sheep?” together. As I love sheep, I was very happy to find the book in a bookshop so that I could bring it home. I wanted to make a … more »

Green Sheep Quilt 1

June 25, 2009

This quilt was made in Australia by Merle Mitchell who gave it to my nephew Oscar.   Oscar and the Green sheep were born in the same year.   

Not long after I saw this quilt, I received a picture of another Green sheep quilt made by someone on the other side of the world.  They are both extraordinary, done with … more »

Eva and the green sheep

June 25, 2009

Where is the Green Sheep? became a classic almost as soon as it was published.  There’s a lovely photo to follow this, sent to me by proud grandmother Louise, but I just have to type enough words so that the more link appears, and you can click on it to see that there’s a photo.  I’m sure this can be … more »

poetry on public transport and horacek

June 25, 2009

Here are photos of two trams I decorated for a Poetry on Trams project, for the Fringe Festival many years ago. We’re talking trams, so we’re talking Melbourne obviously.  The idea was based on a poems on public transport project that has been going in London since 1995, although our version was very low budget and low tech.  There were … more »

about judy

June 12, 2009

Judy Horacek is an Australian cartoonist, artist, writer and children’s book creator. Her cartoons have been pinned up on doors and walls all over the world. She is also sometimes a visiting artist for school children and an after-dinner speaker for grownups. more »